Top 5 ways to use your shipping container

Wherever you go on the planet you can find discarded shipping containers. True, they will usually be in shipping yards or with shipping container sellers but it’s not that difficult to get hold of one at a very good price. Because there are so many ways to reuse these versatile storage spaces, we sell a lot. Here are our top 5 ways to use shipping containers:


What better way to store items? Whether it’s for your home or your business, these high-quality steel storage containers are perfect. Built to endure the elements found in the middle of the ocean, you can rest assured that they will not be flimsy or leaking when it rains. Install a locking door and you know that your stuff will be secure. All you need to do is order one, get it delivered, and then move your goods in there.

Ship Your Household Goods

It’s not just businesses that use shipping containers to move goods. If you’re moving countries or even just relocating nationally and want to take along your favorite pieces of furniture, then no problem. The shipping container is great for transporting goods to your destination. If you aren’t going overseas then it’s possible to just rent a chassis to carry your packed container on. When you arrive, you can leave your stuff in the container until you’re ready to bring it out.

Extra Office Space

If you need some temporary or even long-term extra office space then the shipping container could fit the bill. Available in a range of sizes, these robust boxes provide an excellent way to gain extra space. Of course, you’ll need to get some windows cut in and some electricity added to make it more comfortable.

Extra Learning Space

Some overcrowded schools opt to use shipping containers for their overflow. Shipping containers are also great as a temporary solution for space. Adding electricity, heating, cooling and lighting is not a high price to pay for a comfortable classroom.

Living Space

Some of our clients purchase shipping containers to convert them into a dwelling. They can be stacked, cut and redeveloped to create a very trendy but low-cost shelter that is insulated against the weather.