Open Top Containers

CSC Plated ready for Shipping
Open Top Containers with no fixed roof can accommodate even the bulkiest of loads where top loading is required.

For convenient loading of large goods

Available in both 20ft and 40ft configurations, and with no vertical restrictions, open top containers are ideal for bulky items that would exceed the height restrictions of a standard container.

For Easy Loading

Our open top containers are designed to navigate some of the most common issues encountered in the transportation and logistics industry. These shipping containers are designed to store and transport goods that are significantly taller than the height of a standard container, allowing you more flexibility without compromising on longevity, price, or quality.

With the option of a tarpaulin to fasten across the top of the shipping container, you can be confident that your cargo will be protected from even the harshest environments. Open top shipping containers are a logical choice for heavy equipment as they allow for overhead crane loading, a more convenient and efficient way of securing your goods within the container.

Available in both 20ft and 40ft configurations, with the ability to opt for either new or used condition, a 1st Containers open top container is an affordable, reliable, and high-quality solution to your transportation and storage needs.

Open Top Containers at a glance

Available in 20ft or 40ft sizesConvenient loading pointManufactured using high-quality corten steel
Able to store and transport large, bulky goodsAmple stock throughout the UKAvailable to buy or lease on short/long term basis
Fast and efficient delivery

We apply the highest standards of professionalism to all aspects of our pickup and delivery service.

Quality is never compromised

Every container goes through a meticulous quality control process to ensure quality and longevity.

Dedicated customer service

Our team of experts benefit from years of experience and are on hand throughout your customer journey to provide advice, help, and guidance.

Consistent levels of stock

With strong connections to the logistics industry, we boast impressive stock levels of all of our containers.

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