Storage Containers

New and used condition available
A range of secure and affordable storage options from 1st Containers.

For confidence when storing or shipping your goods worldwide

1st Containers have sufficient stock to supply containers across the UK. Our shipping containers range from 6ft to 45ft and are often available at short notice. All shipping containers we supply are constructed from weatherproofed corten steel, and are vandal and rodent proof, giving maximum protection to any goods transported or stored within.

Perfect for smaller cargo

Slightly larger in size and appearance than the 6ft unit, our 8ft shipping containers provide over 100 cubic feet more storage space for a total of 347 Cubic feet. Ideal for smaller storage requirements, 8ft containers offer additional space than our 6ft option and can be used in domestic and commercial environments.

Ideal for locations with limited space

Our 10ft shipping containers have an internal storage space of 560 cubic feet and is ideal for the storage or transportation of medium sized cargo. Items can easily be packed and stacked for maximum usage of available space, and these units are ideal for smaller conversion purposes. This size container is very popular within the construction industry, with many customers approaching us for conversion into site offices and site entrance guardhouses. On major builds we have supplied 10ft shipping containers in bulk to be used for storing electrician’s materials as well as plumbers/ decorators equipment. With impressive stock across the UK, we can offer our 10ft containers to purchase or hire at short notice with quick and easy delivery to your door.

The perfect option for flexibility and conversion projects

Our 20ft shipping containers have an internal storage capacity of 1160 cubic feet, it is is a secure and safe way to transport or store larger goods such as small machinery and anything up to a medium sized motor vehicle. One of our most popular options, 20ft shipping containers have a wide range of conversion opportunities. The only limit is your imagination, as previous conversion projects include; workshops, sales office, toilet block, canteen, and washrooms to name just a few.

Our largest shipping container for maximum space

40ft shipping containers are our most popular choice amongst customers, owed to their huge storage capacity with internal space measuring at 2360 cubic feet. Ideal for transporting anything from heavy machinery to motor vehicles, our 40ft containers offer ample security, safety, and convenience. For those looking for additional space we also offer 45ft containers.When you have large consignments for transportation within the UK or for shipping abroad, there is no safer means for storage than one of our shipping containers. Conversion opportunities are endless with this range of containers and our expert engineers are on hand to find creative solutions to your every need.