Flat Racks

CSC plated ready for shipping
Reliable and practical, our flat rack containers offer convenient solution for transporting large items over long distances.

For easier loading and transportation

Flat rack containers are ideal in solution when cargo needs to be loaded from above, the side, or directly driven on thanks to the absence of side panels. They are one of the easiest containers to load and a great solution for transporting out of gauge goods that wouldn’t otherwise fit in a standard container.


Our flat rack containers, available in either sizes 20ft or 40ft, can be easily mounted on a truck or positioned in a stationary location to hold bulky cargo in place. Flat rack units have no side panels and are protected by two end walls which can be either fixed of collapsable depending on your requirements.

In contrast to enclosed containers, width and height of the transported item are far less relevant. End walls are constructed from the same material as our standard shipping containers and as a result are strong enough to support an impressive amount of weight. Our 20ft flat rack containers are 30T rated, while our 40ft flat rack containers are 40T rated.

Flat rack containers are often the only type of container suitable for transporting and shipping out of gauge cargo. Because of this, they are used across a range industries, from event organisation to industrial manufacturing. CSC plated as standard, our flat rack containers are available from all our locations across the UK.

Flat rack Containers at a glance

20ft rated 30T / 40ft rated 40TAvailable in 20ft and 40ft sizes depending on your needsCSC plated for shipping as standard
No side panels for easy loadingOption for end walls to be fixed or collapsable Ideal for transportation of out of gauge of goods
Delivered anywhere in the UKManufactured from high-quality corten steelAble to move entire structures such as mobile homes, offices etc.

Flat Rack Shipping Container dimensions

20ft Container40ft Container
Length – Base Bottom Casting: 20 ftLength – Base Bottom Casting: 40 ft
Width – Base Bottom Casting: 8 ft Width – Base Bottom Casting: 8 ft
Height – End Frame Erected: 8 ft 6 insHeight – End Frame Erected: 8 ft 6 ins
Height – End Frame Folded: 1 ft 3 insHeight – End Frame Folded: 1ft 25.5 ins


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