Container Conversions

Bespoke shipping container conversions designed to your exact specifications.

Bespoke Shipping Container Conversions

Our expert team of engineers can design bespoke shipping container conversions to suit your every need. With the ability to add lighting, heating, running water, and any other additions your only limit is your imagination with a 1st Containers conversion.

Inviting spaces with modified shipping containers

If you have an idea for a bar, cocktail lounge, cafe or similar unit, at 1st Containers we are well prepared to help you realise your project.

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Making the most of your outdoor space

1st Containers can help you make the most of your environment designing visually-stunning garden rooms that will work in any space. We empower homeowners and companies to add beautiful spaces to their gardens or office grounds.

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Working from home in style

Create a warm, welcoming working environment with a 1st Containers container conversions. Built to your exact requirements, our expert engineers handcraft bespoke spaces to enable you to make the most of your home.

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Help your business stand out from the crowd

Our container conversions help you make a real statement, showcasing the very best of your brand. Fully customisable, our container conversion projects can be designed to meet your every requirement.

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Container Doors

Part-time or permanent solutions

Our toilet units can be set up as single cubicles or blocks that can be locked from the inside, making them suitable for private use, or use on a bigger scale. It’s also possible to include washroom facilities as well as showers; facilities which can all fit into one of our large 40ft container conversions.


Shipping Container Solutions

We have a wide range of products available throughout the UK. From 6ft to 40ft, take a look at our most popular products and find a convenient storage and transport solution today.

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Your local depot

With strategically located depots across the UK, find your nearest location.

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