Should you buy or rent a shipping container?

If you’re not clear on whether you should rent or buy a shipping container, then read on. You may have been actively searching for a source of containers. However, here is what you need to consider before you commit to one or the other:

The destination. If you want to ship goods from one storage facility to another within the same firm, then you should really buy a container. You will not only save money but also time. If you need to send goods to another part of the country and then will have no further use for it, then you should consider renting one as this is a one-off occasion.

How often. If you’ll be shipping goods regularly then it may make sense to buy your own shipping container. This is particularly true if the shipping is always out of the same location.

How long. This is a vital question and one that needs to have an immediate answer. It is this decision that will affect whether you buy or rent a shipping container. If you intend to use the same shipping container for a number of years, then you should seriously consider buying it. However, if it’s for a short period of time then it may be advisable to rent it.

Your budget. Of course, there is an element of how much you can afford. If you want to use it just a couple of times, then you should rent it. But if it’s going to be used regularly then you will save money if you buy it.

The above information should really give you some clarity on whether you should be buying or renting shipping containers. However, if you are a small business that regularly ships large quantities, then you may be able to still rent for a longer period of time at a lower price.