Mobile offices with 1st Containers

Quite often we are approached by clients who want to buy a shipping container to turn it into an office. This may be because they are builders who are working on a construction site and they need somewhere warm and dry to discuss the project. Alternatively somebody may want an office in their back garden or they may even want a part time office/part time guest house. The good thing about shipping containers is that they are built to move and they are also very robust.

When it comes to the transformation of the shipping container into an office, there are many choices at hand. For example, you may want to use your own manpower and ideas with the project. This is generally the more affordable approach but it can often take the longest, in particular if this is your first time.

Another option is to purchase your shipping container and then to hire a contractor to transform it for you. There are some tradespeople who are very experienced in this line of work, but it can work out to the most expensive approach.

Alternatively you could decide to purchase a kit that will provide you with all that you need for your modification. You will be supplied with windows, doors, a heating/air conditioning pack and flooring. There will even be ceiling panels, insulation and electrical wiring included along with cut outs for your doors and windows. It can take just one day with two men working on your transformation for your finished product. They may need some tools such as saws, nail guns and a welder.

The good thing about these modification kits is that they have been carefully considered. They come with plans and the instructions will guide you on the easiest way to modify your shipping container.

You can find these modification kits by doing a Google search. If you need any advice on sourcing a shipping container for your modification, then contact us today. We have some great ones in stock.