Working closely with Bristol City Council

At 1st Containers we are regularly contacted by clients who require modified shipping containers that will meet the requirements for a specific project. Recently we were approached by Bristol City Council for this exact reason, they needed a company who could professionally modify, deliver and install several shipping containers on site that would be used to create spaces that would to be used by the local Bristol community.

Our highly experienced team of in house engineers got to work on the project in order to modify these containers to Bristol City Councils requirements ensuring that each space created would be weatherproof, and most importantly safe and secure.

Modifications made by our team included the installation of shuttered doors and windows to the exterior of the containers. These windows and doors ensure that when not in use each of these containers are being left fully secure. Other modifications included the laying of flooring and the installation of plumbing and electrics, lighting and heaters.

Some containers were modified and cubical’s were installed alongside toilets, urinals and hands basins to provide toilet facilities for the community. Other containers were modified to create large empty spaces which will be used by the community as workshops or for the purpose of storage. These containers were then delivered to the site by our team and positioned in place by lorry mounted cranes and left in the hands of Bristol City Council to continue with their project for the community.