Shipping containers: An ideal solution for homeowners

Most people are faced with the requirement for storage solutions. Whether you have your own home, you rent or you are even planning a period away from home, the shipping container will provide not only a dry environment to keep your belongings in but a safe one. Some storage companies make a very good income from their charges to satisfy storage needs, when it’s entirely possible to use a shipping container at an overall lower price.

Let’s look at what you need to consider when considering purchasing a shipping container for your storage needs:

Space. Do you have the space available for a shipping container? It’s not just the space you’ll need once it’s in situ, it’s the space you’ll need in order to take delivery of the container. Usually, a flatbed truck will need approximately two times the amount of space that a shipping container takes up in order to deliver it.

How long do you need to store items? If it’s just for a few months, then you might be better off renting the storage space. If you have a long-term need then it could well be that purchasing a shipping container will be the cheaper and more affordable option.

Looking for your container Locating a shipping container that is in good condition is not always a simple task. Nobody wants some old beaten-up container that doesn’t look like it will make Christmas. Peeling paint and no roof is certainly not going to add something appealing and useful to your outside space. Always check whether the doors are still watertight and look for holes.

Always ask for images. The best thing that you can do is to ask for photographs of any container that you’re interested in purchasing. You will then be able to rest assured that you are buying something that will suit your needs and something that is worth the money.

If you need help with finding the right shipping container, contact us now and we can help you.