Taking shipping containers to new heights

Helicopter landing at our local depot

At 1st Containers we always do our utmost to accommodate any request for container sale or hire, but were quite taken aback by this one.

Our office takes a call, not just asking for details regarding shipping containers, but if our Liverpool depot has x amount of clear space. Our team being the professionals that they are gives the response that there is ample room for ten lorries to load and unload containers in the yard.

We operate in a very busy and quite noisy environment, so the first whirring sounds from above went slightly unnoticed. They got louder and louder, and then a shadow formed through the office windows. Each and every member of staff just stood back in amazement as this insect-styled-looking helicopter came clearer into view and promptly planted itself in the center of the depot.

It all seemed very surreal, and our first instincts were, that the pilot had no choice but to make an emergency landing. As the pilot emerged from the aircraft, one of the team approached with haste to find out what the problem was.

“No problem”, said the pilot.

Our guy looking bemused then asked, “Why the landing, then”.

“I spoke to one of your colleagues earlier, and being in urgent need of a container from yourselves, felt this would be the quickest means to get one”.

“So, you are telling me, you have landed a helicopter in the depot to order a container?”

“That’s about it”.

This client had called the office earlier, jumped into his private helicopter and flown from Stoke-on-Trent to our Liverpool depot. Whilst here, he ordered one shipping container for £1050, jumped back into his helicopter and business was concluded. We were able to deliver the ordered container with the minimum of fuss and time as per every client, but the ordering system on this occasion was like nothing we have ever had before, and something you had to see to believe.