The YMCA (Young Mans Christian Association) is a worldwide organisation whose aim is to help people throughout the world. Year on year the number of people needing their help is on the increase, especially within the Greater London areas.

1st Containers were contracted to supply 20ft converted containers for habitation. These were used on various brown site land areas to provide temporary accommodation to those in need, at a very low cost. On one particular site in Leyton, East London, the 1st Containers in-house engineers converted 20 individual 20ft containers into apartments. All container conversions were supplied with electricity, sinks, toilets and were fully furnished. This work was all achieved quickly and efficiently by our in house team.

About YMCA

The YMCA was founded in London, in 1844 and is now a worldwide organisation with more than 45 million members. Their motto is “Empowering young people”. One of the YMCA’s biggest tasks is helping young people stay off the streets, as such, every night over 7,000 young people stay in YMCA’s across the UK.