We were extremely privileged to be approached by the British Broadcasting Corporation, and to be involved in the biggest global event of 2012, when the BBC requested our help for their transmissions of the Olympic Games.

The BBC needed a vantage point for their onsite studio at the Olympic Park and 1st Containers were able to provide exactly what they needed. The 1st container team felt using containers for this solution was financially more viable, better for the environment and would be faster to deploy.

1st Containers were able to provide all of the necessary materials and machinery to achieve the perfect result. With our specialist engineers and transport team, we were able to deliver all that was required quickly and within budget. Our experience with shipping containers enabled us to construct the studio and platform onsite in a very short and efficient timescale. Eighteen shipping containers were stacked and secured to give the height necessary for the studio to have the advantage point of being able to look over the whole of the Olympic Park. We also placed a converted container on top, completely enclosed from the elements to protect the presenters from any adverse weather conditions.

The BBC were so pleased with the final product, that they commissioned 1st Containers to repeat the process for the Breakfast team where the live news broadcasts would be sent from during the Olympics. Again, we conducted a seamless operation of stacking and securing with an open top studio placed at the pinnacle for a wonderful viewpoint across the park.

We were very proud to be involved in such a significant event! Contact us for any container needs.