British Telecom are one of the largest companies in the UK and are world renowned as a leader in telecommunications.

BT approached the 1st Containers team to help them increase their storage capacity. Although BT only needed containers for general equipment storage, their requirements were still quite specific. All details were passed to our in-house technicians and engineers who worked directly with the client to ensure everything ran smoothly. As BT required 50 containers on various sites from Cornwall to Aberdeen, 1st Containers was well positioned to help, as we have depots located around the UK, allowing us to supply units quickly and efficiently.

Our engineers got to work straight away with the main job being to paint each and every container to comply with BTs corporate guidelines. Once this work was complete, the shipping containers were carefully transported, delivered and setup across the numerous BT sites. This was all achieved within a fast timeframe, and the biggest compliment has been BT’s ongoing custom.

Our in-house service gives clients a quicker turnaround and helps reduce costs by keeping everything under one umbrella.

About British Telecom

British Telecom, originally part of the Post Office, was formed in 1980 and became totally independent of the Post Office a year later, in 1981. The origins of the company date back to 1846, making it one of the oldest telecommunications companies in the world. In 1984 it was privatised, with the government selling 51 per cent of shares to private investors. The company as a whole is now privatised with the government no longer holding any stakes in BT.

BT have continued to grow to be one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world by acquiring smaller telecoms companies across the globe. They have also diversified with some of their acquirements, most notably when purchasing the online electrical retailer for over £30 million.

Along with the BT Global Services across 170 countries, the BT Retail Division is a major supplier in the UK of, Telephony, Broadband and Subscription Television Services.