Is it possible to extend the life of your shipping container roof?

Shipping containers live a rough life. Some of them get sent from country to country and then when they retire they are left outside to rest in all types of weather. After years of service in the transport industry, some shipping containers have a different ending. They are purchased to be transformed into an office or a storage container. In some cases, it’s necessary to make some simple repairs to allow them to be in service for longer. A shipping container’s roof is something that should be in good condition to allow them to continue being in service.

The shipping container roof is typically made of corrugated sheet metal with a simple pitch that will allow rain to drain off it. The type of steel used is a formulation that has been designed especially to last and is known as Corten. It’s designed to form a layer of rust that will provide protection against further deterioration. However, if you find pin holes in it then it may be time to perform a repair on your shipping container roof.

The easiest way to find out how to repair a deteriorated roof is to run a Google search. Many other people have ideas on how to perform this. One way that we recommend is to ask a welder to fix it for you and then to paint it with a paint that has been designed for use on metals. This will give it strong protection against rain and other types of weather.

If your shipping container has more than just pin holes and has a tear or opening in it, then you may need to go further. You could either patch the roof or even completely replace it with a new one. Look around and you will be able to find some excellent paints that will keep the rain out and protect your room from solar damage.

If you decide that your shipping container is too badly damaged to repair, then you may want to contact us about sourcing a new one for you.