Newport and the shipping industry

Newport, located in South Wales on the River Usk. Although situated someway inland from the mouth of the larger River Severn, this works as an advantage, putting the port within close proximity of the M4 motorway. In 2010 Newport showed what an important port it is when handling 2 million tonnes of cargo traffic. This cargo ranged from fresh produce, agribulks, vehicles, steel, solid fuel, minerals and forest products.
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The M4 motorway runs just 1 mile from the city centre of Newport, making transit access very convenient. Transporting cargo along the M4, takes you towards the Welsh capital. Branching off and onto the A48 arterial road will take cargo straight into Cardiff (12 miles). Progressing along the M4 and bypassing Cardiff, the next major destination is Bridgend (30 miles), and then onto Port Talbot (41 miles) and Swansea (50 miles). The port of Newport is also handily placed for transportation into England. Travelling in the opposite direction on the M4, Newport is only 18 miles from the Severn bridge, and the welsh gateway to England. With Newport being so close to the Welsh border, and having the M4 on its doorstep, leaves the port only 23 miles from the M5 motorway, where the country really opens up for transporting freight. From here freight can be transported northbound through Cheltenham (56 miles) and onto Birmingham (94 miles). Travelling southbound will take any freight passed Bristol (31 miles), Weston-Super-Mare (42 miles) and down into Devon, where freight is easily transported to Exeter (96 miles).

The port of Newport has long been a thriving industry and with its diverse cargo and high volume of shipping traffic can only grow in the future.