• Security
    On-site security facilities for every task

With 1st Containers as your suppliers, providing comfortable security facilities becomes easier and cheaper.

In the security business, ensuring guards have access to safe, warm and dry facilities is obviously important. Security guards are often asked to watch over outdoor locations in poor weather, while large sites sometimes struggle to find enough space for the adequate storage of equipment, uniforms and other items. All of those issues can be resolved at a cost effective price by acquiring storage and/or accommodation units supplied by 1st Containers.

In addition to top engineering expertise and lot of industry experience, 1st Containers also has the capacity to execute complex conversion projects. Starting with standard 20ft and 40ft shipping containers, we are able to build functional units for different purposes that can be put to good use by security companies. In cases where our units are intended to be used as secure storage for valuable equipment, alarms and extra locks can be installed to enhance security measures. Our containers are also often used as canteens, watchman cabins, toilet blocks or rest areas, to name just a few possibilities. During the conversion, we can furnish units with plumbing, lighting, electrical outlets etc as required.

Security companies can save a lot of money by partnering with 1st Containers to obtain temporary or permanent on-site structures. The cost per cubic foot of space is far lower than brick-and-mortar buildings, and converted units can be re-used for different projects, with or without modifications. For short-duration projects (for example music concerts or business conferences), it’s possible to rent our units as and when needed, while security companies with an ongoing site presence (i.e. securing a corporate building or a warehouse) can save money by purchasing container conversions. Either way, units provided by 1st Containers can protect personnel and equipment from the weather, improve working conditions, and ultimately improve the comfort and performance of security teams.

A client from the security industry that works with 1st Containers is ACE Security. This firm is a leading supplier and installer of security systems that range from simple intruder alarms to comprehensive CCTV networks with live feeds from multiple cameras.

Companies that specialise in providing and managing security guards are often more likely to purchase units. However, in some cases, clients prefer a more spacious guardhouse that can accommodate several people and host CCTV monitors, necessitating the use of a larger unit.

1st Containers always keeps a large stock of products at the ready, so it can react on short notice and deliver a container to any location within the UK very quickly. All modifications for conversion projects are conducted by our specialist team, lowering your final price and guaranteeing a high quality finish. There is a reason why 1st Containers has the reputation for being a premium supplier in the security industry – we know how to balance functionality and availability. Our solutions are tailor made for each client, and take into account the specific nature of each site and unique security needs.