• Schools
    Providing secure, reliable and cost effective extra space for learning, offices and storage.

Nurseries, Schools and Universities alike can benefit from contacting 1st Containers to upgrade their storage facilities, add additional classrooms and/ or offices.

As the price of traditional bricks and mortar continues to grow rapidly, educational institutions across the UK are starting to seek smarter, more economically viable solutions. It makes sense to work with a company like 1st Containers that has experience in providing schools and universities with standard and modified containers that can be used for a wide range of purposes, from storage rooms to offices and classrooms.

1st Containers has direct experience collaborating with schools and universities, and working alongside them to develop and deliver unique solutions that fulfil their precise requirements. We can offer extreme flexibility in terms of storage container size, design and function, as our customisable units are easy to transport, modify and convert. We also appreciate that some organisations have limited budgets, so our container-based storage portfolio has been designed to provide a wide range of cost effective, reliable and secure options.

Our containers can be found on sites around the UK and are used in a broad spectrum of roles. They can be used for dry storage of just about any item, no matter how large, from caretaker’s machinery and teaching aids to sports equipment… but this is only the beginning! Nurseries, Schools and Universities can also gain more valuable teaching space by renting or buying converted containers that have been transformed into new classrooms, fully equipped with electricity, running water, heating, windows etc. In addition to classrooms, we can also construct cafeterias, WC facilities, changing rooms for sports teams, and a wide variety of other useful units.

Our ongoing relationship with Bournemouth University is a good example of our ability to assist organisations in this space. We regularly deliver 20ft and 40ft shipping containers, either in their original form or converted, to a number of colleges and schools located in inner-city London, north of England, and throughout Wales. Many of the units we supply are painted in the schools colours and branded with logos, so they can blend into their surroundings perfectly and reinforce the school’s corporate identity.

We also supply our containers to scout groups around the country, who have used them for a variety of things; from meetings, group activities and accommodation, to even transforming them into open-air terraces with natural gardens and vegetable patches. At 1st Containers, we treasure our long-term relationships with a number of Nurseries, Schools and Universities which are built on trust and our solid customer service.

We appreciate that large school renovation projects may be difficult to fund, which is why the demand for our high-quality containers is on the rise. Our weather resistant and long-lasting products offer a good alternative to expensive and sometimes restrictive traditional building methods, and they can provide schools, colleges and universities with much needed space quickly and affordably.