• Construction
    Containers of any size for on-site deployment

1st Containers is proud to have worked alongside the construction industry for decades, supplying shipping containers and converted units with different dimensions for a variety of uses.

The environment of a construction site can be quite unforgiving, so there is an obvious need for reliable and secure storage space on practically every large on-site project. That’s why we have a large number of loyal customers that we work with on an ongoing basis within this industry. To accommodate our clients and assist them in a wide variety of different areas, over the years, we have developed specialised expertise based on our understanding of key challenges that companies in this industry often face.

From basic construction blueprint down to the tiniest detail, everything about our container modifications for the construction industry is chosen with the bespoke interests of our clients in mind. The material of choice is quality steel – simple, yet sturdy, inexpensive, yet long-lasting. The containers we stock come in a variety of sizes, so they can be used for practically any purpose, making them ideal for storing bulky equipment or providing accommodation or facilities for workers onsite. Our smallest units can be easily moved around the site as needed, while our massive 40ft containers supply enough space to hold raw materials in industrial quantities.

This flexibility has allowed 1st Containers to successfully collaborate with customers of any size, from small developers working on a single building to huge companies tasked with developing entire urban blocks.

Of course, when containers need to be placed at a building site, protection against moisture, dust and temperature changes is one of the most important factors. Due to superior manufacturing quality and a range of customisable features, products from the 1st Containers line can endure environmental impacts without exposing the items kept inside to any damage. This has been proven in practice time and time again, as our containers can be found at building sites all over the country, serving in a variety of roles. We can also offer clients open top or high top containers, which are ideal to store machinery that would be difficult to place inside a standard enclosed space.

Sometimes it’s necessary to design special containers suitable for sensitive equipment or for storing flammable materials, with protection against spillage and additional fireproofing. Our specially constructed hazardous goods containers come in all sizes and can be fitted with bunded floors to avoid problems with spillages of potentially dangerous liquids. These units are also fitted with advanced alarm systems and internal door releases in case of emergency. We can cover the full spectrum of possibilities, and typically offer construction companies a choice of several good options for every situation.

Our experienced team frequently convert shipping containers into fully functional structures, such as field offices, washrooms or canteens. Our conversion products are typically equipped with windows, ventilation, electricity, and a range of other amenities, so they match the performance of most prefabricated buildings. The 1st Containers in-house team can fulfil practically any storage request from construction companies, even on short notice. Our converted containers can be delivered directly to building sites by our experienced transport team and are often installed within just hours after arrival.

Clients in the construction industry frequently require more advanced security features, which is why our shipping containers can be supplied with padlocks on the doors and window shutters made of steel, to help prevent theft and vandalism. For long-term construction projects that involve a large number of workers and on-site stays, we can supply fully furnished sleeping accommodations and toilets with hot running water.

1st Containers has a long track record of creating additional value for its partners from the construction sector, and it continues to invest a lot of effort and resources to maintain the status of being a premium provider of storage solutions.