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    We offer a wide range of storage solutions and
    container conversions for sports clubs and leisure centres

By using 1st Containers as their supplier, sports clubs can ensure that all their equipment is kept safe without spending big money on facility upgrades.

With ongoing increases in the number of memberships for sports and recreation clubs all over the country, some clubs are struggling to accommodate the growing number of requests, with equipment storage arising as a particularly common problem. 1st Containers can offer the perfect remedy, as its portfolio includes a range of products that are ideal for temporary or permanent storage. Armed with extra space, sports clubs can continue growing at rapid pace!

Two products in particular have recently been in high demand from leisure and sports clubs – our preassembled 10ft container and our flat packed storage container. Both are very compact and can easily fit into small spaces, while also providing a surprisingly large amount of storage. They are constructed from Corten steel and are completely waterproof, minimising the risk of damage to equipment. They can be secured with a double lock to help prevent theft. Like all other products supplied by 1st Containers, these smaller units feature top-class craftsmanship and can be expected to last for decades.

Above all, 10ft containers and flat packed containers are very economical and practical. They can be purchased or rented for a fraction of what it would cost to build traditional brick-and-mortar storage rooms, and they provide equivalent (if not better) functionality. Flat packed storage containers are particularly useful to smaller organisations such as youth soccer clubs, since they are self-assembled and can easily be dismantled in order to be moved to a different location. Those containers have the same high quality as our standard shipping containers, but are even cheaper!

We are also open to modifying containers on demand – for example, it’s quite common for sports clubs to enquire about lighter doors being installed to facilitate easier access. Doors can also be fitted into the side panel of the container, providing an elongated shape of the storage space that might be useful when there is a need to store long items. Our team can turn any client’s vision into reality and convert a bespoke container without taking away anything in terms of quality or reliability.

Finally, 1st Containers can personalise the exteriors of any container, painting it in any colour chosen by the client. If the unit is intended to be in a public area, it’s common to use bright colours that stand out and attract attention, with a prominently visible logo of the sports club. On the other hand, if the storage room will be used only by staff, it makes sense to stay within the colour scheme of the surrounding walls.