• Aviation industry
    We are a trusted supplier for storage and transportation of goods.

1st Containers continues to serve the aviation industry in a variety of ways, providing reliable solutions for storage and transportation of goods, equipment or sensitive materials.

A significant portion of 1st Containers’ clients come from the aviation industry, and over time we have developed specialised expertise in this field. In addition to providing high-quality containers to numerous airports, we also support their chain of operations in various ways. Many different container sizes and types are deployed by aviation companies, with units from 6ft to 45ft being used for storage and other purposes. Standard shipping containers are used extensively, while high-top containers are in strong demand as well due to their ability to hold bulky equipment.

High-quality storage is very important in the aviation industry for several reasons. It is paramount to protect equipment from the weather, while also providing strong security from intrusion. At the same time, airports typically store large quantities of hazardous materials, which require specialist containers. 1st Containers is well equipped to respond to such challenges and frequently supplies modified units that feature improved ventilation, a frost-free environment and built-in protection against leaks. All of our speciality containers conform to health and safety regulations in the UK and can be deployed with confidence, provided they are used as specified.

One of the most important aspects of 1st Containers’ offer is the possibility to implement a range of modifications to the containers, making them ideal for use in the aviation industry. For example, interiors can be separated into several compartments, while alarms and emergency doors can be added for additional safety measures. Engineers from the 1st Containers team understand the needs of air-ports and airline suppliers very well, and are capable of customising products without compromising their quality.

Owing to its superior performance and consistently high level of professionalism, 1st Containers has long-standing collaboration with several large clients from the aviation sector, including suppliers of mechanical parts and industrial materials that serve major global air carriers. One of our customers is AIM AVIATION, a leading provider of aeroplane interiors that uses our products for both transportation and storage purposes. They outfit Virgin and Qatar Airlines fleets, and their products can commonly be found on Boeing and Airbus planes. Before delivery, high-value items are stored in specialist containers supplied by 1st Containers.

Another client is Aeropia, a company specialised in supplying a wide range of chemical products for the aviation industry and the military. Their products include numerous materials such as adhesives, sealants, paints, coolants, industrial gasses, metalworking fluids, cleaning solvents, lubes, oils, semiconductor chemicals and many more. For obvious reasons, those hazardous materials must be kept in fire-proof, leak-proof, well-ventilated and completely secure storage units, so the 1st Containers team had to put all of its accumulated knowledge to work in order to ensure that the appropriate modifications were carried out diligently and professionally.

1st Containers has some unique advantages over competitors when it comes to serving the aviation industry. We are able to keep the entire operation under one roof, which also means we can reduce your costs. Our manufacturing expertise is critical, since we have the engineering skills to create high-quality container modifications in-house that conform to our client’s exact specifications. In addition to supplying standard shipping and storage containers, 1st Containers can also provide refrigerated units, suitable for keeping food fresh during flights, or modified units that can be used to transport oversized or sensitive cargo. We also provide first-class customer service and are always happy to advise our customers regarding technical questions, logistics, administration etc.

We provide versatile support for the aviation field while at the same time delivering expert services at favourable prices.