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By converting standard shipping containers, we are capable of creating comfortable and fully equipped offices at a fraction of the cost of a traditional business space.

UK Office space in good locations can get very expensive, posing a problem to companies that are undergoing expansion and/or have a business model that requires a lot of working space. Instead of running up high costs for office rent, many companies would benefit from acquiring a modular office constructed exactly to their specifications from high-quality metal containers. 1st Containers has both a huge amount of stock of different sized containers at its disposal, and the engineering skills necessary to undertake almost any conversion project.

Converted container office spaces supplied by 1st Containers have all the advanced features that a modern office is expected to have, from air ventilation and plumbing to electricity outlets and security alarms. They can be arranged in almost any shape or size by dividing a single container into several rooms or connecting two or more containers to form a larger office space. In cases where containers are stacked upon each other, a staircase can be added to allow occupants to move up and down floors.

Flexibility can be very important in today’s dynamic marketplace, where company needs can change overnight driven by sudden ebbs and flows of demand. This is especially true in UK’s urban centres, where the cost of business space can become prohibitive and companies with a need for additional workspace must seek alternative solutions. 1st Containers has a lot of experience with container conversions, and is able to handle every aspect of the process in-house, which dramatically reduces costs.

The ever-growing list of clients who have purchased or rented converted containers from 1st Containers includes companies from many different sectors, from manufacturing to aviation. The advantages of this construction method are too good to ignore, and UK-based businesses are increasingly embracing it. 1st Containers can successfully help customers of any scale – we have shipping containers in many sizes and can consequently produce offices that can accommodate anywhere from a single person to a couple of dozen workers. At 1st Containers, we turn clients’ visions into reality and provide them with means for business expansion without burdening their budgets.

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