Standard shipping containers transformed into beautiful bars

With the right modifications executed by engineers from 1st Containers, standard shipping containers can be converted into great looking bars, cafes, or even small restaurants.

Opening a new hospitality venue can be expensive, with the price of developing real estate being one of the most significantly costly items. However, the bill can be much lower if you think outside the box and consider a container conversion. 1st Containers can help by providing full-service conversions. Starting with a standard unit, our highly qualified engineers can realise almost any design idea, while ensuring all the essential creature comforts and amenities are in place. In effect, 1st Containers can help owners of bars and cafes to keep their space fresh and implement renovation projects in a very cost effective way.

It would be wrong to think that converted pubs or bars lack any important features or are functionally limited in any way. 1st Container shipping container conversions can be equipped with electricity, toilets, hot water, improved ventilation, and other features you would expect to see in a traditional bricks and mortar build. On top of that, due to their flexible construction and inexpensive materials, the space can be organised in virtually any way imaginable. 1st Containers can build fully enclosed bar rooms or restaurants, semi-open structures with retractable roofs, or open-air cafes that can be positioned in the street. Our in house team ensure every design is attractive, unique, functional, cost effective and extraordinary!

1st Containers has been supplying shipping containers for decades, and has excessive expertise when it comes to converting them into hospitality venues. Examples of our conversion projects can be found across the UK, making their owners money and welcoming guests at full capacity. We enjoy a reputation for uncompromising professionalism and attention to detail, especially with high-end conversions that demand a certain level of skill that few companies possess. Above all, our service is affordable and convenient, since conversion work is done at our premises and the finished unit is transported by specialised trucks.

If you have an idea for a bar, cocktail lounge, cafe or similar unit, at 1st Containers we are well prepared to help you realise your project. Get in touch with our team and we will provide you with a personalised quote for a turn-key solution. No matter how complex or delicate your idea might be, our professional engineers will find a way to turn it into reality while keeping you on budget.

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