20FT Standard Steel Storage Container

External dimensions
(L) x (W) x (H)
Internal dimensions
(L) x (W) x (H)
Door aperture
(W) x (H)

20ft x 8ft x 8ft 6in
6.058m x 2.438m x 2.591m
19ft 5in x 7ft 8in x 7ft 9in
5.889m x 2.337m x 2.362m
7ft 6in x 7ft 5in
2.338m x 2.280m

* Whilst we have tried to be as accurate as possible, container measurements can vary slightly.

The perfect size containers for self-storage, commercial shipping, or conversions.

Our 20ft shipping containers provide low cost, safe and secure additional storage space.

1st Containers stocks shipping containers in the full range of sizes and types. One of the main types of shipping container that receives the strongest demand in the market is the 20ft shipping container. Approximately the size of your average garage, 20ft shipping containers provide a large storage area whilst still being a suitable size to fit in your garden, driveway, building site, industrial area or school. This is why 20ft containers are very popular with homeowners, small business owners, schools, councils and clubs who use them for storage of household goods, shop stock, tools, machinery, sports equipment, you name it! Most importantly, 20ft containers are very secure and can protect valuable goods from theft, vermin and weather damage.

20ft shipping containers are available in New One Trip condition, having completed one shipment from factory to the UK. They are the newest you can purchase a shipping container in the UK. 20ft One Trip containers are composed of Corten steel, finished in hi spec container paint, with marine plywood floor, lock box and 10 vents included. They come with a 5-year watertight guarantee and with minimal maintenance will provide dry and secure storage for the next 25+ years.

1st Containers also off used 20ft containers for sale across the UK. Used containers are typically 12-14 years old and have carried cargo at sea for much of their life. All used containers are supplied with a 2-year watertight guarantee and are checked for any structural defects before being delivered to site. Most used 20ft containers are still certified cargoworthy and capable of shipping 24 tonnes of cargo. Again, with minimal maintenance used containers will provide dry and secure storage for another 10+ years.

The volume of internal space in a 20ft container is approx. 1360 cubic feet, more than enough to fit furniture and belongings from a three-bedroom family home, or several pieces of bulky machinery. Their size is also ideal for conversion into offices, washrooms or temporary accommodation, which can be accomplished by adding doors, windows, plumbing and other amenities. All the necessary conversion work is carried out by our own expert team at the 1st Containers depot.

To sum it up, our 20ft shipping containers are a smart solution for your storage needs, they are very easy to customise, install and maintain. Customers can buy or lease 20ft containers whenever the need arises, making this solution both practical and economically advantageous for private or business customers alike.

We offer competitive short and long-term hire rates on our containers. Prefer to buy? We stock a wide range of units in a variety of sizes. If you need any advice on how to select the perfect container, please either complete our online form or contact our experienced in-house team for more information.

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