Vita Ray

We were initially approached by Vita Ray Productions, a well established film company, for onsite canteens and changing facilities. They then approached us for help with building a construction of containers that could be used to support their green screen backdrops.

Vita Ray needed a large number of containers to cover a wide area for their latest film production. We supplied (240) 20ft containers, which were carefully stacked 5 high to cover the area needed. We also organised the delivery and removal of an onsite crane to help us complete the work. As the company had to comply with strict time schedules, our team worked quickly and efficiently to ensure the structure was completed in time.

About Vita Ray Background

Vita Ray are a UK based film company. In 2011 they were assigned to take on the production of the now blockbusting Captain America movie (The First Avenger). Much of the filming was completed on the streets of Manchester.

This was a huge international production which also involved Universal Studios and Marvel Films.

It was a great privilege to assist them on this film, and we hope that we can work with them again in the future!