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Ann Kelly

With over 12 years of experience as a Sales and Business Development Manager in diverse industries, Ann possesses the expertise needed to add value to customers, both big and small.

Jordan Whitby

Jordan, our latest team member, brings valuable experience from top container industry players, benefiting both customers and our team.

Michelle Simner

Part of our Container Control department, Michelle ensuring that our suppliers and customers are updated daily.

Paul Woodford

As Container Control Supervisor, Paul oversees the logistical part of the business.

Maxine Brenner

A longstanding member of the 1st Containers team, Maxine’s role is essential in our day-to-day operations.

Charlotte Coton-Hucker

As an Assistant Accountant, Charlotte is an essential part of the Accounts team.

Matt Ives

As an experienced Accountant, Matt works as part of the Accounts department to help oversee financial operations.

James Penfold

Leading the accounts team since 2022, James works closely with our customers and suppliers to ensure the best possible experience.

Perry Brenner

Amy Harvey

As an experienced Sales Executive, Amy works closely with our customers to provide containerised solutions.

Andrew Day

With decades of experience providing global container solutions, Andrew is an invaluable member of the 1st Containers team.

Rob Coton-Hucker

Having worked in logistics for over 15 years, Rob specialises in container sales across the UK – delivering where few others could.

Mitch Brenner

As the Director of 1st Containers, Mitch brings an exceptional amount of experience to the business that he built from the ground up.

Tom Sills

With 13 years of experience in the shipping container industry, Tom works closely with our customers to provide unique solutions to their needs.