Meet Ronnie, Our First Ship Charter!

The Global Pandemic has caused many issues worldwide, but the reports of a global shortage of shipping containers in the press are not exactly the truth. There is a worldwide shortage of containers in the locations they need to be.

At 1st Containers, our main priority is our UK clients. We decided to charter our OWN vessels with our OWN containers on board. As you may have heard in the press, major shipping lines have cancelled vessels due to enormous worldwide port congestion issues. In addition, many of the factories in China that produce containers have reduced shifts. This coinciding with steel prices sky rocketing has created the 'perfect storm' resulting in the unprecedented container prices we are seeing.

We are often asked when will prices reduce. The answer is we do not know, and we cannot be sure they even will.

We said to ourselves, what can we do to overcome these issues? After days of searching for answers, it was clear we needed to take matters into our own hands. The solution was to ship our own containers, ourselves! As you read this the first direct service from China to Liverpool is on route. We are essentially providing a replacement service akin to a replacement bus when the rail services are not running. What we have found however is our "buses" are quicker than the trains! Our new units have just 30 days transit times compared to the 60 days the major shipping lines are quoting (which can take as long as 75 days) due to the increased and prolonged port congestion, which has become acceptable in the industry. But not to us.

Our first vessel “Ronnie” is one of six due to arrive on UK shores before July.

Our dedicated team are working proactively to address the ongoing shortage of shipping containers across the UK. Our industry has been tested but we have endeavoured to keep up with demand and our customers' requirements right from the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. We understand the importance and usefulness of these containers, be that for storage or converted to suit you, the customers and your unique requirements. Individuals, businesses, and the NHS alike have all asked and we have listened to you. Our wide range of units are versatile and can be used to store a wide range of items from food to PPE.

All our containers are manufactured to high specifications in China using high-quality Corten steel. It's worth remembering, not all shipping containers are created to the highest spec! Our containers are weatherproof, extremely tough, and rodent and rust resistant.

If you need any advice on selecting the perfect container, please either complete our online form or contact our experienced in-house team for more information.

At 1st Containers, we continue to go above and beyond to ensure our UK-based customers have the containers they need.