Fowey and the shipping industry

The port of Fowey, located on the Southwest peninsula in Cornwall, is a very important port to this part of the UK. It is the largest export port in tonnage terms on the peninsula, and in 2010 the port handled 773,000 tonnes of cargo. Fowey is also listed in the top twenty ports in the UK for non-oil products export.
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The port of Fowey is international in its export of china clay to freight destinations all over the world. Situated in the heart of Cornwall, the port of Fowey is serviced inland by the A roads 390 and 391. These arterial roads are the best routes to cover the southwest corner of the UK, and with no motorways in Cornwall, they are very well maintained. Containers in transit leaving Fowey westbound via the A390 would find the first major point being St Austell (9 miles). Following the A390 to its end point, any transit can then join the A30 arterial road, which goes all the way to Lands End (58 miles). Taking the A391 route, container transport would join the A30 to travel in the opposite direction, which takes you around Dartmoor National Park and eventually joins the M5 motorway.

The port of Fowey’s maritime history goes back to the Middle Ages when the harbour provided men and ships for the siege of Calais. Fortified blockhouses mark the entrance, a result of the raid by the French on Fowey in 1457 when much of the town was burned. Cargoes through the port included the exports of copper, tin and china clay and the imports of coal, timber, limestone and general cargo.

Today the sole export is china clay, but being so far to the West of the country makes Fowey a mainstay for cargo shipping in Cornwall.