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Port Talbut and the shipping industry

Port Talbot is located on the coast of Wales, just 9 miles from Swansea. A very busy commercial port, in 2010 Port Talbot handled 8.8 million tonnes of cargo traffic. It has the deepest berthing facilities within the Severn estuary, and although the primary commodity is the importing of iron ore, the port has the facilities to accommodate many other cargoes. The ports inner docks offer berths for general cargo and can also accommodate heavy lift ro-ro cargoes.
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Port Talbot harbour is a new facility. It was constructed in 1970, specifically to create the deep berths that are in place. The biggest commercial user of the harbour is Corus, who import coal and iron ore.

Although Port Talbot holds a coastal position, it couldn’t be better located for inland container transit. The port sits right next to the M4 motorway, so upon leaving the port, cargo is straight onto the motorway network. Situated only 9 miles from Swansea, this would be the first major destination arrived at on leaving Port Talbot, whereupon leaving the M4 and joining the arterial road A465 would take any cargo towards the Brecon Beacons, passing through Merthyr Tydfil (29 miles) and Ebbw Vale (38 miles). Alternatively transportation in the opposite direction along the M4, takes cargo passed Cardiff (33 miles) and onto the Severn crossing (59 miles) for entry into England.

Port Talbot as a town dates back to Medieval times, but as the commercial harbour was only built in 1970, this has always been the ports sole purpose. The port already handles an extreme amount of traffic each year, and this should only grow. With the land available to the port, there is plenty of scope for expansion, and plans are to expand facilities, so that the port can accept higher volumes of general cargo.